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Masamune-kun’s Revenge R (Season 2) in Hindi Dubbed Episodes Download HD (Crunchyroll) 480p-720p-1080p

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  • Name :- Masamune kun’s Revenge R

  • Season :- 02
  • Release Year :- 2023

  • Episodes :- 25

  • Genre :- Comedy, Romance, Harem, School, Shounen

  • Language :- Hindi

  • Synopsis :- When Masamune Makabe was a child, he was rejected by a rich, beautiful girl named Aki Adagaki, who gave him the nickname ”Piggy” for being overweight. Devastated, Masamune put great effort into working out to improve his appearance. Now a handsome yet narcissistic high school student, Masamune is determined to exact revenge—he will have Aki fall madly in love with him and ultimately reject her the next time they meet.

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Download & Watch The Episodes of Masamune kun’s Revenge R in Hindi Dubbed

Episode 01 – The Wee Parisian Mademoiselle

Episode 02 – The Princess's Confession

Episode 03 – They Show Up When You Least Expect it

Episode 04 – I'm Not Going To Fall In Love With You, Pig's Foot!

Episode 05 – So we became a couple

Episode 06 – The second date

Episode 07 – There's No Point in This Confession

Episode 08 – There Are Things You Shouldn't Realize

Episode 09 –

Episode 10 – Whiteout

Episode 11 – Face Your Feelings

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