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Apothecary Diaries Episodes in Hindi Dubbed Download HD | 480p-720p-1080p | (Crunchyroll Dub)

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  • Name :- Apothecary Diaries

  • Season :- 01
  • Release Year :- 2023

  • Episodes :- 12

  • Genre :- Drama, History, Romance

  • Language :- Hindi

  • Synopsis :- the series follows Maomao, a young girl working as an apothecary in the red-light district, who is kidnapped and sold to the Imperial Palace as a servant. However, she still retains her curious and eccentric personality and plans to work there until her years of servitude are over, without drawing the attention of anyone. One day, after hearing rumors that the emperor’s children are critically ill, she begins to investigate the cause, using her experience as an apothecary, and successfully solves the mystery of their illness.

Download  The Episodes of Apothecary Diaries in Hindi Dubbed

Episode 01 – Maomao

Episode 02 – Chilly Apothecary

Episode 03 – The Unselling Matter of the Spirit

Episode 04 – The Threat

Episode 05 – Covert Operations

Episode 06 – The Garden Party

Episode 07 – The Garden Party

Episode 08 – The Garden Party

Episode 09 – The Garden Party

Episode 10 – The Garden Party

Episode 11 – The Garden Party

Episode 12 – The Eunuch and the Courtesan

Episode 13 – Serving in the Outer Court

Episode 14 – The New Pure Consort

Episode 15 – Raw Fish

Episode 16 – Lead

Episode 17 – A Jaunt Around Town

Episode 18 – Lakan

Episode 19 – Chance or Something More

Episode 20 – Thornapple

Episode 21 – How to Buy Out a Contract

Episode 22 – Blue Roses

Episode 23 – Balsam and Woodsorrel

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